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Safe-Play Systems

Systems for Playgrounds
Our Safe-Play synthetic turf systems provide a beautiful, clean playing surface with a padded underlayment for safety. This truly unique play system provides an aesthetically pleasing, soft play surface while still allowing water to flow through all layers. Along with being incredibly safe and allergen free, our synthetic turf is extremely durable and resilient. Our Safe-Play Systems and artificial grass are designed to meet the highest demands of any play area. Our products will also provide a clean play area, making muddy ground a distant memory.











Simple Installation

Safe-Play panels are produced with a jigsaw structure and expansion slits so it can be installed in a fast and efficient way in all weather conditions. Thanks to its firm and strong qualities it is also quite simple to mechanically install the grass or replace an old artificial lawn.




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the perfect base for a high-quality sports field

suitable for every sport, in all conditions

easy installation

certified high quality

no burden on environment

sustainable, recycled, recyclable

perfect vertical and horizontal drainage

long term consistent low G-max

25 year warranty


Our Safe-Play systems are available with or without shock pads to meet critical fall heights needed for a specific play area. The standard 25mm Safe-Play Shock Pad can safely cushion a fall from 1.3 meters and will be suitable for most areas, though double layers and thicker pads can be installed for extra safety and increased impact attenuation.


Safe-Play Shock/Drainage Pad


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