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Our Quartz Infill System


“Infill" is the soil of the turf system which creates a ballast and support structure to the artificial turf while keeping it cooler by bonding the natural ground underneath the turf’s thatch layer.

Our premium natural quartz infill system is the latest technology for synthetic turf. Unlike rubber-based infills, our infill is non-absorbent with a high performance acrylic coating infused with BANISH anti-microbial technology. The tan color is designed to mimic the natural soil of the earth and performs exceptionally well under all conditions.



Animal urine and other external elements that can build bacterial spores are not absorbed into the infill making it a safer, more sanitary product. Our infill does not degrade and also resists compaction, thus eliminating the need for repeated applications, as in the case with rubber. It stays cool and comfortable unlike rubber infill even in the hottest of climates, keeping it up to 40 degrees cooler than rubber. It is also safe for the environment, does not contain harsh zinc or heavy metals and is non-flammable.


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